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A Voice from the Abyss

Dear Free Spirits,

It has been quite some time since I posted to this blog but please be assured that, contrary to appearances, this project is thriving.

The development of the book and the programme it describes has been consuming almost all my time since 2017 and the intensity of the work has recently increased significantly. Sadly, these circumstances allow me little opportunity to maintain and update this blog-site. That should change in the future, though it is unlikely to be soon, I'm afraid. I find this galling because much of the content on this site is now out-of-date, defunct, superseded, null! Like Nietzsche, I have been forced to go deeper and ever deeper down. There have been so many new and profound insights. Yes, I believe I have returned with treasures. As Nietzsche puts it in his preface to Daybreak:

'I sought in the depths below: for I have come back, and—I have escaped. Think not that I will urge you to run the same perilous risk ! or that I will urge you on even to the same solitude! [...] At that time I had undertaken something which could not have been done by everybody: I went down into the deepest depths; I tunnelled to the very bottom'

And speaking of the one who proceeds on this path, Nietzsche writes: 'not even his friends can guess who he is and whither he is going, and they ask themselves now and then: “Well? Is he really moving at all ? Has he still . . . a path before him?”'

I believe my energies are best expended seeing the book and programme though to completion rather than updating this blog - a least for a while yet. However, the time may be right to share a little of the programme content and trial some the exercises with willing volunteers. I have yet to fully come to a decision on this, but if you would be interested in either:

1. Taking part in a small group trial, undertaking some of the personal development exercises from the programme and sharing your experiences of them


2. Being part of a small study group tackling some of Nietzsche's texts from the perspective of personal development

drop me an email at and tell me which proposal(s) you are interested in and, importantly, why. Also, tell me a little about you. Age, where you live, what you do for kicks etc.

I am still yet to make any firm decision on this but let me know if you are interested. If there are too many volunteers, I reserve the right to institute some kind of simple selection process.

I wish you well, dear readers, and I hope to have something unique for you at some point in the future.

Oh, and the title of the book? It is called:

Übermensch: Nietzschean Self-Help, Personal Development and Human Potential



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