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What if you could change everything?

I have been away a while. I have not been idle. The back cover to my book which is in its final stages:

What if you could change everything?

What if your life didn’t have to be frittered away on drudge-work, empty observances, uninspiring pastimes, and banal pleasures?

What if you could discover the real meaning and significance of your individual existence?

What if you came to believe—to know—that your joy was itself the justification of all existence?

The human is the most exceptional animal, yet it is too often an enemy to itself: smothering its own light, stifling its own song, throwing a pall of shame over its most potent energies. This poor creature dreams of release from the bondage to which civilisation condemns it, yet it is terrified of its potential for freedom; it yearns for a modicum of control over its fate, yet it is oblivious to its potential for extraordinary power. Each of us has moments when we gaze upon the vastness of the stars, all too conscious of our smallness and the brevity of our lives, and we are haunted by questions—questions for which no answers seem to be forthcoming.

But there are answers.

Friedrich Nietzsche, the self-styled philosopher with a hammer and smasher of false idols, calls you to adventure: you are to create yourself; to “become who you are”, to transform yourself into the architect and artist of your own destiny. In his provocative and enigmatic ideal of a new and unprecedented kind of human being—the superhuman Übermensch—Nietzsche ignites a flaming beacon to guide those who have the will towards their own self-overcoming.

Seven years in the writing, James Nil, a behaviour change expert with over twenty years’ experience, lucidly interprets Nietzsche’s difficult philosophy, making it both accessible and actionable to the everyday reader.

This book represents the first and most important step on a journey into the heart of strange and hidden worlds—a world of frightening abysses and exhilarating summits. This book constitutes a singular opportunity for every kind of transcendence. In it, you will find knowledge and practical guidance for realising your highest possibilities. In it, you will find the means for living more sensually and more spiritedly—a life as yet beyond your imagination, overflowing with every kind of abundance. In it, you will discover the formula for absolute affirmation: to want it all, to love it all, to be able to declare an impassioned and unhesitating ‘Yes!’ to your life and to the universe.

If you are interested in learning more, please comment.


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Ulysses Black
Ulysses Black
Dec 10, 2023

Always interested. Keep it up.

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