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New Heights


Dear readers

You may have noticed a lack of posts in this space recently. Normally, I like to have at least one post per month on the blog, but it has now been six weeks since my last posting. The reason for this is that some significant progress has been made with the book that is the subject of this blog - naturally, that must take priority. However, I wanted to assure you that this project is not losing steam - far from it. It feels as if it is achieving ever greater heights!

I do not want to give too much away at this stage, but I will say that the developing book and the programme it describes, plot a structured trajectory from what might be called the realm of traditional self-help (addressing existing deficiencies and sources of pain); to personal development (maximising one’s latent potential); through to overcoming nihilism through ambitious, meaningful, creative undertakings. The fourth and final step involves attaining a real-world spiritual transcendence – a state in which an individual can affirm this reality and their own existence, unreservedly, without the need for phoney, metaphysical compensations. The state attained is the height of the expression of the Will to Power and it is the apotheosis of joy.

So please pardon me if my posting may be erratic at times. It is also the case that I am not able to give the content on this blog the care that I give to the book and I hope you will forgive the rapid and sometimes train-of-thought character that my postings may occasionally exhibit.

Thanks for joining me on this ride. I am confident that you will be richly rewarded for your attention and patience upon publication.


Comment-Contribute. Like-Share. Adapt-Overcome.

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